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Bridal Party Rhinestone Shirts and Sweatshirts: Custom Rhinestones from AMBRO

For day two of #BridalWeek, I want to highlight a product that I’ve already mentioned on this blog before: rhinestones. But this time, there’s a twist: Bridal party rhinestone shirts are a great gift for your bridesmaids and a fun piece that they’ll enjoy throughout the years!

You can keep it simple and just get “BRIDE,” “BRIDESMAID” and “GROOM” (if the groom is into sparkly stones), or you can completely customize these shirts for your special day!

Interested in customization? Tell us what you want your rhinestone text to say, or what type of design you want for your big day! We can make it happen. Afterall, we’ve made designs before.


Also, choose your favorite color! Don’t feel obligated to go with crystal-colored rhinestones. Have fun and choose a color that suits you and your big day!

Red rhinestones are just one option—ask us about our custom rhinestone colors!

On your wedding day, you should have it all. And that means clothes, color and design! Have us help you create a camera-ready look that will be in your wedding album for the rest of you and your special someone’s lives.

Bridal party rhinestone shirts are great for all members  of your wedding party. Blinged out tuxedo shirts for the guys and sparkly tees or hoodies for the girls—we’ve got everyone covered.


Contact us at 908-806-8337 or Sales@Special-Ts.com to get a quote on your design. We’ll be happy to help you.



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