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Embroidered Polos: Embroidery Spotlight at AMBRO

Embroidered Polos

We embroider on a variety of different garments here at AMBRO Manufacturing and Special T’s, but embroidered polos are our biggest go-to item. Thoroughly professional for practically every business, polos are a great way to brand your company as well as give your employees something striking to wear. But it all starts with your logo and the garment you choose!



Just like with any design project (DIY or professional), you need to start with good, solid parts. Choose a polo you’re most comfortable with. We have a variety of brands including Under Armour, Adidas, Champion and UltraClub. Polyester blends, 100 percent cotton or totally synthetic fabric. It’s whatever you need it to be!

Now, if you don’t already have your company’s logo in an embroidery file you either need to have it digitized or create a logo to digitize! Getting your logo digitized is splendidly easy. Get it to AMBRO Manufacturing in a readable format, pay our digitizing fee and we’ll get you a great quality logo that you’ll want to embroider on everything!

Once you have it, it’s yours to do whatever you would like with.

In addition to getting the left chest embroidered with your company’s logo, you can add your name to the right chest or one of the sleeves. You can even add an embroidery to the nape of the neck.

With so many design customization options, it’s incredible what you can create with us.

Interested in placing an order? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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