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Flyball Pet Wear: More Custom Pet Wear for Dogs From AMBRO

Every year, dogs get more and more stylish. And while some might stick with painted nails and pink collars, the tougher dogs need a more customized look. Introducing Flyball Pet Wear from AMBRO, for the dogs who compete.

Flyball is a popular sport that involves dogs and dog owners. Maybe you’ve heard of it, as it’s starting to pick up some steam.

Jumping over literal hurdles, these dogs compete head-to-head in teams of four. Once one dog is done with his or her relay, paws hit a spring-loaded board that releases a tennis ball. The ball is caught by the competing dog and handed off to his or her owner. And the next dog begins.

File:Flyballbox terv wb.jpg

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Pets get to have fun and get exercised while owners enjoy the company of their animals and other dog lovers.

So for those who just found out a flyball, and for those who enjoy it as a favorite past time, AMBRO Manufacturing wants to offer flyball pet wear for competition dogs!

Bandanas, sweaters and hoodies—all available pet products for your flyball dog! (Or your household, couch potato dog.)



Get custom pet wear for the dogs on your team to show off team pride—and also make these pups look somehow more adorable!

Customize these doggy products with name number, logo or a few choice paw print placements! The choice is up to you!

scooch pooch

Who wouldn’t want to name their Flyball team the “Scooch Pooch Team?”

For more information on our AMBRO pet wear (and any human wear you might be interested in), give us a call at 908-806-8337. Or, email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com!

We can’t wait to meet your competition dogs!


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