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Football Jersey Numbers: Choose Your Decoration

Football Jersey Numbers

Customization doesn’t stop at design and color. If you’re looking for the ultimate look, or if you’re a team in need of a complete head-to-toe job, football jersey numbers and names are one way to look more professional. There are a variety of ways we can apply these custom names and numbers, each one with its own advantages and style.


Vinyl Jersey Numbers and Names

What makes vinyl a great option? First off, it’s the least expensive option. While cheaper is certainly not always better, none of our number options are what should be considered “cheap.”

High-quality heat-applied vinyl, this is the option if you want something simple. Choose from a variety of colors and fonts without over-thinking.

Vinyl’s best attribute is that it can be cut into almost anything, which is how we’re able cut vinyl names in addition to numbers.

Screen Printed Jersey Numbers

The second-tier option that is certainly more popular in more serious leagues, screen printing is the durable option.Rough and tumble, wear them through the mud for years and years. These are lasting through every wash, every game, every time you’re pushed down and have to pull yourself back up.

Screen printing is a great choice if you want to match a specific ink color in the jersey as vinyl numbers won’t match perfectly to anything screen printed despite being the “same” color. Choose screen printing if you’re interested in the long-term.

Applique Jersey Numbers and Names

Finally, applique jersey numbers are a great way to stand out. If your sport is important to you and your time, you might want to opt for this. Either one or two-tone applique, you choose the color of the material as well as the thread color.

Applique is a great option if you know you want to throw this up on your mantle one day—because it’s such a beautiful presentation.

Professional football players  have sewn on numbers and names, so you know you’re getting a good quality product that you can either wear through the season or save for nostalgia.


Don’t fret over your design choices when it comes to football jersey numbers and names. AMBRO Manufacturing has the choices you need to make your decision. And don’t forget, there’s always sublimation!

Interested in getting a quote on some jersey numbers? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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