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How Much Does Screen Printing Shirts Cost?

How Much Does Screen Printing Shirts Cost

One of the most asked question that we answer each day is How much does screen printing shirts cost?  The answer is not complex, but it does require some knowledge on what makes up the cost of a custom T-Shirt.  Let’s dive in!

The 3 things that are factored into determining the cost of a custom t-shirt

#1. The item that is being printed and the factors surrounding it.

There are thousands of different t-shirts that you can choose from. There are different styles, colors, sizes, fabrics etc. In order to determine the proper cost of your silk screen printing job, it’s important that you have a solid understanding of what t-shirt you actually want.

Once you select the t-shirt, then you’ll need to let your screen printer know how many of them, by size you would like. This is important because discounts can be granted based on the volume of your purchase. Sizing is also important because, typically, sizes Small through XL are the same price, and as you get into 2XL, 3XL and up, each larger size shirt, carries a premium.

#2. The number of colors that are going to be printed on your shirt and how many locations of print there are.

For traditional screen printing, screen printers make an actual screen to apply ink through. Each color of your design requires it’s own screen. Each location of print on your t-shirt, i.e. Front, Back, Sleeve etc. requires it’s own set of screens. There is a setup cost associated with each screen. This setup is applied to your invoice each time you place an order. Setting up for the job once, doesn’t negate a setting up for it again later. The screens are reclaimed after each print job. No screen printer keeps screens forever, otherwise they would have a building full of very expensive screens.

If your order request is incomplete at the time of printing, you may have to pay a setup again to run a handful of shirts that are ordered as an afterthought.  It is for this reason that it’s important to get all of the shirts that you need ordered, at the same time.

#3. The printing being done

After the blank items arrive from the mill(s) and the screens are created, it’s time to print your shirts.  Each print that is done is assessed as a print charge. The print charge is determined based on how many prints are being done for the particular order and the number of colors being printed.

While this may seem overwhelming and confusing, I assure you that it is very straight forward, and after working with your screen printing company on a few orders, the process will become natural to you.

We publish our screen printing prices online here. This way you can do some preliminary calculating to determine the cost of your project.

If you’ve been asking yourself how much does screen printing shirts cost? Or you would like to learn more about our silk screen printing services, please consider emailing us or giving us a call today (908) 806-8337.