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Religious T-Shirts and Halle Berry

X-Men star Halle Berry has been spotted numerous times sporting religious t-shirts, meditation quotes and peaceful sayings. It’s no surprise that she has a tee in her closet that reads “Have Faith.” Halle’s look is an off-the-shoulder v-neck perfect for an easy weekend. We wanted to take that carefree feeling and replicate it with our version!

Religious T-Shirts

We love the off-the-shoulder look. Baggy shirts are always fun to wear. It’s a no-brainer type of style that everyone can get behind.

That’s why we went this this Alternative style women’s poncho. A blend of polyester, cotton and rayon, this is a light weight top. And the best part? Only one size! It makes it easy for your friends to borrow it (or for you to borrow your friends’), and it’s a fun item that will work in all of the seasons.

got to have faithgot to have faith_back




Your cost for 12 of these? Only $23.75 per shirt for a total of $285.04. For an item that can act as lazy tee, sweatshirt and a shared favorite in the closet, that’s a great deal!

Only need one of these? Not a problem, we’ve got you covered. You can buy this ivory-colored item in our blog store! The price is $27.99. The regular retail on this shirt is $31.99, so that’s a nice bargain.





We love doing celebrity t-shirts every Tuesday here at AMBRO Manufacturing. We’ve got a whole catalog we can turn to, to find great tees worn by even greater celebs. But if you’re ever on the web and see a tee you love and would love us to recreate, just let us know! We’re always up for a challenge.

Place a bulk order for this “poncho” by emailing us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or give us a call at 908-806-8337.



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