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T Shirt Screen Printing Company

T Shirt Screen Printing Company

T Shirt Screen Printing Company

AMBRO Manufacturing started out 30 years ago as a T Shirt Screen Printing Company, and has evolved into manufacturer of bandanas, scarfs and beanies.

Our specialty is working with customers who need special projects done right, quickly and for an affordable price.

We off our customers 30+ years of experience and capabilities. Our competitors focus on the basics of screen printing. Our competitors are using plastic based inks and printing at 14″ x 16″

We focus on: Scented Screen Printing, Foil Screen Printing, Puff Screen Printing and Oversized Screen Printing are processes that we use on a daily basis. If you have a unique request, we want to hear about it.

We represent over 835 different brands and thousands of variants of those brands. The t-shirts that we use are unbranded, this leaves every aspect of the shirt open for your branding. We can screen print the front, back, sleeves, neck, and any other area of the t-shirt.

Our standard screen printing process uses plastisol. We also offer discharge inks and acrylic inks. Specialty inks include: Puff, Suede, Glitter, Shimmer and Scented.

All of the services that we offer are provided here in our New Jersey facility. We are not a middleman or broker, you are working directly with the provider.

If you are interested in locating a t shirt screen printing company for a good product produced in a reasonable amount of time, that’s us.

Please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.