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Tactical Shirts: Our Tactitee Brand and You

Tactical Shirts For Airsoft

Our tactitee brand is great for those who play airsoft, paintball or people who just love adding velcro patches to their wardrobe. Because it’ summertime and these shirts have been selling a lot at our location, we wanted to highlight them again this week. After all, tactical shirts don’t go out of style!

Tactical T Shirt

Tactical T Shirt

While our regular tactitee shirt is a super comfy Anvil tee, we can apply these velcro patches onto whatever garment you like! That’s just one more way you can completely customize this one-of-a-kind look. Choose your t-shirt and velcro color (pro tip: they don’t have to match).

Everything is done 100 percent inside our Flemington facility, so you can trust you’ll get the best on-hands care with your order.

Besides applying tactical patches to your tactical shirts, AMBRO Manufacturing is a full-service screen printer and embroiderer that can add the logo of your airsoft company, paintball troop or military unit to virtually any part of the shirt.

The only thing we’re limited by when it comes to these tactical shirts is the sleeves—so don’t go ordering a sleeveless tee!

You can buy one-offs of our tactitee shirts on our eBay page. Only large sizes are available, but you can contact us if you’d like a tee and don’t see your size! We’re always happy to accommodate.

Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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