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AMBRO Manufacturing: A Green Screen Printing Facility

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we pride ourselves in providing quality service and quality products. This is why we use environmentally friendly products and methods to get our work done. We’re happy to say we are a green screen printing facility.

Contract Screen Printing

Our In-House Contract Screen Printing Work

We are constantly producing bulk orders, and we reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing the majority of our work in our Flemington facility. This way, once the product comes to our Flemington store it doesn’t leave until we ship it to the customer or until the customer picks it up.

That’s less traveling our goods have to do to get to you. Shipping things from place to place only to land at our Flemington location costs a lot of fuel—we like that we’re preventing excess fuel from being spent!

Green Screen Printing


Environmentally Conscious Screen Printing Chemicals

There are a lot of chemicals that go into screen printing, and a lot of them aren’t always the safest for employees. That’s why, where available, AMBRO has chosen to use inks, cleaners and sprays can use safely.

We use an ink cleaner called “BEAN-e-doo” made from soy beans. It is a biodegradable cleaner more efficient than traditional cleaners—our employees can use less of the product for the same effect as those harsh, smelly cleaners.

We use non-aerosol based sprays so that there is no smoke, haze or pollutants in our factory.

Many of our inks are soy-based and water soluble, but have the same consistency and look of traditional, plastic-based inks. Our inks are certified as being free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and other toxic materials.

AMBRO Manufacturing Green Screen Printing

Recycled Materials for Better Printing

That soy-based cleaner that we use is also recycled. After each use, we put the product through a three-stage filtration system to clean out the impurities and reuse it in the next cleaning cycle. Ideally, we would use the same product forever, but since a few particles fall behind with each use we’re forced to purchase more soy-based cleaner. Even still, we’re using that product to its absolute fullest.

Between each print, we need to wipe down our plattens (the machine heads where we lay the garment for screen printing). The wipes we use are made of 100 percent recycled material.

AMBRO Manufacturing Solar Panels

A Contract Screen Printers that Runs Off of 50 Percent Solar Power

In the summer of 2010, AMBRO Manufacturing installed rooftop solar panels. We currently run off of 50 percent solar power, but hope to run at 100 percent in the near future.

Sun power is a completely renewable resource, so we’re draining nothing but what was already available to us by using solar energy. There is no waste with solar panels, as even the panels themselves are up to 97 percent recyclable.


The next time you’re wondering how you can make a positive impact on the environment while still being a consumer, think of AMBRO Manufacturing.

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