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Custom Embroidered Hats and Custom Screen Printed Hats

Custom Embroidered Hats and Custom Screen Printed Hats

AMBRO Manufacturing offers three basic types of hats for custom screen printing or custom embroidery.  Each hat has unique features and characteristics designed for your needs. If you are searching for Custom Embroidered Hats and Custom Screen Printed Hats, you’ve found the right company. Please review all of the hat options below and when you are ready to talk with us, give us a call.

Custom Printed Trucker Hats

The “Classic” Foam Front trucker hat. Custom printed trucker hats have been a staple of American hard work since the 1940’s.  These hats offer a classic full foam front that is suitable for screen printing or screen print transfers. The design area for screen printing is 2″ inches by 3″ inches. Screen printing only, no embroidery.

Embroidered 5 Panel Hats

Custom 5 panel hat manufacturers have been making this modern version of the classic foam front trucker hat.  With modern updates, these hats feature a flat fabric panel front that is made specifically for custom, multi-color screen printing as well as full custom embroidery. Without a center seam, your logo will look great. The design area is 2″ inches x 3″ inches.

Embroidered 5 Panel Hats

Custom embroidered 6 panel hats offer the most reagal and high end look for any baseball cap on the market. With a sewn seam down the front, this cap is not suitable for screen printing, but offers the best platform for custom embroidery or patches. The design area is 2″ inches x 4″ inches. Embroidery only, no screen printing.

Custom Hat Closure Selection

Choosing the right closure system for your hat is an important aspect for for your custom hat project. The closure on a hat offers limited adjustability to ensure the proper fit for each individual. While each closure system works perfectly, your decision is based on your personal preference and visual choice.

We offer 5 specific types of custom hat closures.  The following 5 categories are available.

Snap Back Closure – Each cap is equipped with 2 plastic tabs.  These tabs are used to change the size of the cap within 2-4 inches of variable diameter.

Velcro Closure – Each cap is equipped with two fabric velcro tabs. They are used to change the size of the cap within 2-4 inches of variable diameter, using the trademarked hook and loop system.

Plastic Buckle Closure – Each cap features a plastic buckle system, similar to plastic buckle closures seen on back packs and duffle bags.  This buckle system offers 2″ – 4″ of variable diameter.

Brass Buckel Closure – Similar to the plastic buckle closure system, these caps feature a brass buckle used to adjust the cap within 2″ – 4″ of variable diameter.

Fitted Back – These caps offer no adjustable feature. Fitted back caps are sized at the time of your order, sizes Small-Medium and Large-Extra Large.

Custom Embroidered Hat Closure Options

Structured vs. Unstructured Hats

Structured Hat

Depending on the manufacturer, it is often difficult to tell from a photo the difference between a structured hat and an unstructured hat. However, once in hand, it is very obvious what the differnces are. If you notice on the darker the front hats in this section, the front two panels and the back webbing panels retain that classic “Bowl” shape.  There is rigidity to a structured hat that keep it in a classic hat shape. If you place a structured cap on a flat surface, it will remain in the same shape as when it is on your head. Structured caps are more traditional and formal than unstructured hats. Baseball players wear structured hats.

Unstructured Hat

Unstructured hats tend to have more of a sloping front vs. a ridged front panel(s). When placed on a flat surface, unstructured hats will not retain their shape as they would on your head. Most would describe unstructured hats as more “floppy” or “flimsy”. Don’t mistake these terms to mean that an unstructured hat is of less quality than a structured cap. Structured vs. Unstructured hats are definitions used to desribe the look and feel of the hats, not the quality. Unstructured hats offer a more relaxed and less formal look. Painters and laborers wear unstructured caps.

Choosing the right brim type

There are two basic brim types that we offer. The first type of brim is a flat brim, this brim type is typically offered on a snap back hat and has been popularized by the rapper culture.  These “new classics” offer a completely flat brim that is not designed to be molded like a traditional curved brim hat.  The second type of brim is a traditional curved brim. These brims come either pre-curved or flat and ready to be curved by you.

Choosing the best hat and decoration method for your requirements

When putting together your custom hat project, it’s important to not only select the right hat for your needs, but to select a hat that can fit the decoration methods that you want to use.  Not every hat has the features that you require, and the perfect hat might not fit your prefered decoration method. With that in mind, we’ve put together the chart below to help you choose the right hat with the right decoration for your custom screen printed or embroidered hat project.

Hat Decoration Options

We decorate your hats in the United States

We are a screen printing, embroidery and knitting company in the USA. We manufacture knit beanies in New Jersey and we work with overseas companies to import baseball caps that we screen print and embroider in New Jersey.

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If you have questions or would like to chat about custom screen printed hats or custom embroidered hats, or custom knit beanies, give us a call or send us an email. We typically respond to all emails within 24 hours.

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