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Online Fundraising Stores

Use Spirit Wear For School Fundraising Programs

Online Fundraising Stores you set the fundraising amounts and we do the work.

We provide FREE web based Online Stores that offer a wide selection of customized Spirit Wear for your organization. Our fundraising programs are designed to help organizations with 25 or more individuals fundraise and obtain Spirit Wear at the same time! It’s a true win-win.

Use our online spirit wear fundraising store technology to outfit your team, fans, employees, players, students or members with high quality spirit wear and earn fundraising dollars on every sale.  Our spirit wear fundraising program is truely unique, we give you the power to set your own fundraising prices.  Our stores are completely FREE and we support each store via phone, web and email.

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Do any of these fundraising woes sound familiar to you?

• Handing out paper order forms and trying to collect them from everyone before a deadline

• Chasing people for late order forms and checks to pay for fundraising

• Having a discomfort shaking cans outside of retails store entryways

• Offering the same ole’ things (Chocolate, Pizza Kits, Wrapping Paper, Popcorn, etc …)

• Spending an entire evening at someone’s house organizing items to be distributed

• Organizing a distribution day to hand out items that came in from the program

• Corralling group members who haven’t completed the program by the deadline

• Being frustrated that the fundraising company probably earned more than you did

• Having to put money out in advance for inventory or make commitments to minimum orders

ALL of these go away with our online store fundraising program!

STEP 1 – We do all of the work

Working with your team to understand your fundraising goals, we’ll create a plan to build and launch the spirit wear store that fits your requirements.  You won’t lift a finger, we just need your input on what you want to achieve.

STEP 2 – We’ll build and launch

Using what we’ve learned from you, we’ll build and launch your fundraising store.  The products and price points will be perfect for your audience and the store will launch quickly, giving you the maximum time to collect fundraising dollars.

STEP 4 – We mail you a check

After the store has been processed, we will issue your fundraising check and start with Step 1 again, reopening the store for new customers.  It’s that simple.  Our system of online fundraising is easy and straight forward.

STEP 3 – We create and ship

Your entire fundraising store is made-to-order.  Once the store has been open for the designated time, we’ll close it for processing and shippment.  Each customer will get their products shipped to their door.

How does it work?

Our fundraising stores couldn’t be easier!



We have a robust catalog of various spirit wear products to select from.  We represent over 869 different brands.  Each item comes in the colors that you select and we will decorate it with your logo or design.



Once you’ve selected the products that you want in your fundraising store, we’ll build the store in 1 week.  You set the pricing for what you would like to earn per fundraising item and we launch the store.



The store will stay open for 2-4 weeks while your fundraising items sell and we collect the money for each sale.  At the end of the open period, we’ll produce and ship the products and send you a fundraising check.

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