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Custom Stadium Blankets With Logo

Back before Dye Sublimation, stadium blankets were screen printed.  Screen printing large logos on stadium blankets is still alive and well here at AMBRO Manufacturing.  Using oversized screen printing to produce HUGE logos on stadium blankets offers our clients a uniquely athletic and crisp look.


Comparing Stadium Blankets to Stadium Blankets

It’s easy to get confused with so many options out there for custom stadium blanket printing.  Most screen printers offer embroidered stadium blankets or screen printed blankets.  However, very few offer large logos on stadium blankets.  The standard large size print for most screen printers, doesn’t often exceed 18″ x 26″.  Our smallest print for blankets is 36″ x 36″.  That means we’re printing 3 feet x 3 feet on stadium blankets without even breathing hard.


Blanket Fundraisers

Schools of all levels and sizes can benefit from having a blanket fundraiser.  Using custom logo printed stadium blankets to attract fundraising dollars can be a great way to help drive school spirit and help the booster club support the local teams and organizations.  Custom printed stadium blankets are a fantastic, life long keepsake.