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Category: Screen Printing Services

T Shirt Screen Printing

T Shirt Screen Printing AMBRO Manufacturing specializes in T Shirt Screen Printing and T Shirt Screen Printing services.  Through the use of specialized fabric and garment printing presses, AMBRO has the ability to produce several thousand t-shirt designs each day.  T Shirt Screen Printing involves the use of customized printing presses, specialized plastic based inks,…
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Tote Bag Printing

Tote Bag Printing Custom Tote Bag Printing is very popular due to the low cost of tote bags as a corporate give away item.  Tote bags are the perfect give-away item for almost any event.  After all … who doesn’t need a tote bag?  The process of Tote Bag Printing involves specialized plattens to hold…
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Screen Printing Process

Screen Printing Process We get a lot of questions from our customers and prospective customers about the Screen Printing Process.  Today I’m taking the time to write a brief article about the process that we use to create your custom garments.  The Screen Printing Process is fairly simple, yet there are so many factors that…
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Screen Printing Services | Contract Screen Printers | NJ Screen Printer

Screen Printing Services AMBRO Manufacturing is a USA based company that provides Screen Printing Services to the trade.  We work with partners in the ASI, SAGE, PPI and other advertising specialty industries to provide wholesale Screen Printing Services.  We are based in Flemington, NJ and we operate out of a 15,000 sqft facility that is…
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