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Celebrity T-Shirt: Jay-Z’s Tee Inspired Some More Irony

Celebrity T-Shirt With a Twist

We love this tee Jay-Z was spotted wearing last June, and we wanted to revamp it for summer 2014. We decided to take a moment and be reflective with this celebrity t-shirt challenge we give ourselves every week and think of something clever that we can put into this t-shirt while at the same time keeping that original message.

Celebrity T-Shirt

The original tee is tongue-in-cheek. It’s funny. It can be ironic in situations, but not on its own.

But you know how much we love irony on celebrity t-shirt Tuesday! That’s why we decided to highlight a few key letters in this tee to really make a point about society. After all, we are society? Aren’t we?


On this 100 percent cotton Bella + Canvas tee, we imprint those same words Jay-Z is seen sporting, but we decided to add some red to the letters ME  and I. Why? Because at the end of today, we’re all part of this society we blame so often.

Spread a real message with this tee and give people something to think about. Maybe if people want things to change, they need to start with themselves before blaming those around them. Change starts from within, not without.

How much for 12 of these t-shirts? You’re looking at a low cost of $15 per tee when you buy at least 12! That’s a great deal.

But we wanted to do something special to get this shirt out there. You can buy just one in our blog store for $25.

Interested in getting a whole mess of these? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.



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