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Custom Sparkly Hoody from AMBRO: Screen Printing and Embroidery

Cheer leading competitors, color guard teams, dance teams, gymnastics teams–one thing comes to mind when thinking of these sports. Style. Bright, glittery colors and cool cuts—you want to stand out for more than just your moves on the floor! AMBRO Manufacturing has hoody that would be great for anyone looking to stay stylish outside the competition: a custom sparkly hoody from AMBRO!

This black, sparkly hoody by Pennant is a great team gift! 98 percent cotton and two percent luxury fleece. This hooded sweatshirt includes a front pocket, drawstring, full zip and a comfy fit for sizes extra small to double extra large.

We’ve worked with this hoody before, and it looks great with screen printing and embroidery!


Love the sparkles but not crazy about the garment? How about some custom screen printed sparkly tees? We also carry Pennant’s line of sparkly t-shirts. With your choice of colors, you can really stand out! Dark or light pink, white, navy, gray—couple that with some silver screen printing ink and you’ve got yourself an explosion of shine!

Keep things interesting with the sparkly component to an otherwise matted garment.

Choose metallic silver, sparkly silver or sparkly gold ink to go along with your sparkly hoody or sparkly tee to create a fabulous look!

Here at AMBRO, we love helping to create the next fun looks—and this is one of them!

Get a quote on your custom sparkly t-shirt at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337! You won’t be disappointed.


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