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Easy Fundraising Ideas: Custom T-shirts and Custom Screen Printing from AMBRO

Fundraising sounds easy in theory, but it’s hard to come up with a donation platform. When people donate their time or money, they want something. At AMBRO Manufacturing, we’re constantly working with charities and organizations for fundraising. Here are a few easy fundraising ideas to use for your favorite organization!

1. Run a promotion on your facebook page with a set deadline

When there’s a time crunch to do something, people react better. That’s why the best promotions involve end dates.

Create an online promotion on your facebook. Maybe you’re giving away custom t-shirts from AMBRO Manufacturing as a gift for those donating $10 or more! Whatever the amount, make a clock countdown or update those donating daily!

My own countdown looks like this at the moment.

2. Custom t-shirt giveaways for people donating their time

To get people to join your cause, offering something a little extra on the house is a great incentive. If you’re doing a beach clean up, have t-shirts ready to give your volunteers at the end of the day! It’s a great way to say “thank you” for all their hard work.

Place an order with AMBRO Manufacturing and have those giveaways ready! You can place an order by emailing us or call us at 908-806-8337.

3. Create an online store and have us do all of the work

It’s easy to fund raise when someone else does the work. And that’s what we offer here at AMBRO.

You give us the art that you want on the garments, tell us what products to have and where to place that design. The online store is absolutely free to set up. Then, we add an amount over the cost of the item—that’s the money that you get back for your fundraiser!

We’ll give you a great price where all of your proceeds can go to the charity.

We’ll ship the items for you straight from our facility as soon as they’re done.

Get an idea of what your online store will look like by visiting our blog store here.

Still unsure of how you want to go about fundraising? Email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337. We’d be happy to help your cause.



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