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EMS Reflective Star Of Life

Reflective Star Of Life
3M Reflective Star Of Life

EMS 3M Reflective Star Of Life

AMBRO Manufacturing provides EMS, Fire and Safety reflective materials.  We CAD cut and apply 3M and other specialty reflective fabric to EMS Jackets, Fire Jackets and a variety of specialty blood barrier and fluid blocking materials.

Many of these garments are either 100% polyester, or a special blend of Nylon, Lycra, Spandex or specialty materials.  While each garment is different, we typically find that getting a good adhesion is dependent on preheating the material  for 5-10 seconds.  This removes any moisture and residual chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  Since some of these materials are designed to repel liquids, standard adhesives often have difficulty staying adhered to these jackets.

After a pre-heat, apply the selected reflective design, in our case a reflective 3M Star Of Life.  We use light to medium pressure for 5 seconds and do a cold peel.

If you have trouble with your reflective letters or designs peeling off, you may want to try this approach.