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Graphic T-Shirts from Next Level and AMBRO Manufacturing

What Do You Want Your Graphic T-Shirts to Look Like?

AMBRO Manufacturing is proud to offer customers Next Level clothing to make their graphic t-shirts the best possible quality. Blended 50/50 v-necks, scoop necks, crews—tank tops and youth sizes! Next Level has a great range of quality items. Today I wanted to show you what you could be wearing from us the next time you need a screen printing job.

One of the coolest things Next Level plays with is texture. This is a popular look known as “burnout.” You’ll notice it mostly in the juniors department on two-tone tank tops and tees. Next Level takes this look to a new level with the long sleeve shirt below. Available in dark teals, browns and mauves—this would be a great shirt for teens (especially a back design)!

ls tee


It’s a 100 percent cotton tee that is unique every time (almost like tie dye) as no two burnout designs are the same.

Next Level has a lot of unisex items. So if you see your boyfriend wearing a hoody you’re jealous of, you don’t have to fret! You can get one, too. (Same style and everything).

This blended hoody is a great example of the fun unisex options. Available in vintage purple, the red depicted here as well as a grays and blues. This is a nice light weight wear for the warm months ahead.

blended hoody


Graphic t-shirts are a decidedly youthful look. If you’re in the market to create graphic tees, Next Level is a great brand to work with. They feel nice, they’re comfortable and they look great with ink on them!

Interested in getting a quote on some of our Next Level apparel? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or emails us at Sales@Special-Ts.com!


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