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John Lennon T-shirts: New York City

Raiding His Closet: John Lennon T-Shirts

We have to apologize to John Lennon for our “Beatles Suck” tee. While that tee was meant to be ironic, we can only assume there are actually people out there who hate the Beatles. And maybe it’s that person who bought one of our Beatles tees (we don’t have any proof of this, of course). But whatever the case may be, we don’t hate you, Beatles.

To make up for spreading Beatles hate, we want to make this iconic shirt of John Lennon available to his fans.

John Lennon T-Shirts

Everyone can use an extra NYC tee in their closet, and this is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on! Lennon makes it look great in this stylish shot, but we know you can pull it off, too.

Lennon’s is a cut off ringer tee, but we decided to go ahead and make it completely sleeveless. Pinched New York font, the emphasis is on City—the city.

new york city tee

This is a one hundred percent Gildan sleeveless tee. Great fit, soft style—this tee has maximum comfort for minimal cost!

How much for 12 of these screen printed sleeveless tees? Only $132. That’s $11 per tee! That’s a fabulous deal for a great quality item.

But if you only need one of these, we’re now selling this t-shirt in our eBay store for $18.25! That’s a steal!

And of course, if you place your order over the phone or via email you can customize these tees one hundred percent! Just let us know! Email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337.


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