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Mission Impossible made possible…….and Donuts!

AMBRO Manufacturing to the rescue! Tuesday afternoon Amy from Artcraft  Health Education called asking if we could assist her with producing draw string back packs for her client when another vendor provided her with less than satisfactory bags.

The AMBRO staff went into Response Level Midnight and scrambled to make this order happen! Employees were dispatched to suppliers, management worked on creating the decorations for the bags, phone calls were made and heat presses set to Maximum! Because of team effort and dedication to assisting a new customer, the bags were created and Amy was happy (I present exhibit A above).

So you might be asking yourself “Ed what does this have to do with Donuts?”, I shall explain kind reader. This morning I pulled into the AMBRO parking lot and waiting for at our office front door was a Dunk’n Donuts bag (the day has now officially off to a great start) with a card inside. That’s the card above and the donuts a thank you gift from Amy at Artcraft.

Amy it was our pleasure to be able to assist you, and in the future, Bob wants more Boston Cream Donuts………….


For more information about Artcraft Health Education, please visit their site or give them a call at 908-782-4921 or reception@artcrafthealthed.com.