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All over Print T-Shirts And Our Jumbo Screens

AMBRO Manufacturing Does All Over Print T-shirts

You can really do as much as you can imagine when it comes to all over print t-shirts. Isn’t it nice when you find yourself sitting in the real world realizing that your only limitation is your imagination? All over print t-shirts are the answer to any screen printing conundrum you might have had in the past.

If you’ve ever wanted to print a full front logo and a small logo on the bottom right corner of the shirt, an all over print would solve that problem of an extra screen charge. Instead of us creating two separate screens, and you getting hit with two separate fees, we can create one jumbo screen for you.

Now, we’re not saying all over print t-shirts aren’t tricky. If they weren’t, everyone would be doing them. There’s a lot to consider when you decide to make a custom jumbo print tee.

First, there might be a desire to make an image the size of the shirt without thinking about the design itself. We have in-house artists who can help you manage your design whether you decide to make it the size of the shirt or a 14″ by 12″ square. We’ll get you on the right track, focusing on a design that fits your overall vision.

Next, it makes the most sense if you have a bigger order. Unless you’re only getting mediums, you’ll run into this problem when order jumbo prints: Each shirt size needs its own screen. This doesn’t matter as much when you’re ordering in bulk, but if you’re only ordering 24 shirts it can become an expensive pain.

While some orders, such as the one below, could absolutely be done with the use of one screen, more fitted orders take a little more finesse and will need screens per size.

We also offer sublimation printing. And while sublimation is also all-over printing, it is a completely different visual style and feel than the all over print t-shirts. Screen printing is a classic look that can be done on any material, but most likely it is done on cottons. Sublimation can only be done on polyester, this lends to that shinier, sleeker look.

Interested in getting a quote from AMBRO Manufacturing on an all over print job? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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