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Wearable Tech: Introducing SewCircuit.Com and the Future of AMBRO

New: Wearable Tech From Sew Circuit, a Division of AMBRO

AMBRO Manufacturing is constantly looking toward the future of wearable items. One of the biggest new splashes in terms of revolutionizing the garment industry is wearable tech. Wearable tech is anything using circuits, conductive thread, LED lights that a person can still wrap around him or her and look good. We’re not out to create super futuristic Blade Runner-like machine-wearables. We’re just looking to make life more convenient and interesting with wearable tech items!

SewCircuit.com is  a DIY site. All of the projects we do, we encourage others to make. At SewCircuit.com we sell all of the materials you’ll need to produce the items yourself in your home. If you want to buy the item itself, that’s also an option! We make our products easily accessible in whatever form you desire them.

Sew Circuit Collar Picture_3


One of our first products for Sew Circuit was an EL dog collar. You can watch the video of how we make it right here. Also, you can watch the item in action! The goal was to create a dog collar that would increase visibility of dogs at night. This is great for people who take night walks with their animal, or if you have a large fenced in backyard and you’re curious where your dog’s favorite night spots are.

Besides dog collars and projects, Sew Circuit also sells conductive thread and conductive materials as seen here.

And since our focus for Sew Circuit is DIY, we’ll be selling kits for certain projects (the EL Dog Collar is one of those projects)! To help our customers and help grow a positive DIY community, we have a Community page on our Sew Circuit site where users can ask questions and talk about their projects.

Interested in purchasing some Sew Circuit products and watching the videos? Make sure to visit the website! And feel free to contact us with any questions (as usual). Sales@special-Ts.com or 908-806-8337.



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