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Do It Yourself Crafts: Sew Circuit

Do It Yourself Crafts

We’ve talked about Sew Circuit, possibly at length, on this blog. But, there are aspects of the blog that go far outside the realm of wearable tech. Do it yourself crafts are a regular contribution of the Sew Circuit blog. We want to highlight that today!

Do It Yourself Crafts

While a good deal of our projects for Sew Circuit deal with wearable tech, we have the advantage of being able to do DIY projects on a whim. Working in a facility where we have access to a plethora of screen printed and blank goods. Defective items, mistakes and orders that we simply made too many of—they’re all here and just waiting for us to rip into them (literally)!

We have one Sew Circuit blog post that highlights taking a t-shirt and turning it into a ladies’ racerback. This was a fun undertaking as once I cut it up, I could go ahead and wear it. No sewing, no frustration. It’s a simple project with great payoff.

And if you mess up? No biggie! Just cut off the bottom and you can use that scrap shirt to make a bag, infinity scarf or any other tiny wearable. That’s the best part about working with big heaps of fabric, there’s always room for another idea.

Stay tuned on the Sew Circuit blog for more DIY content. We’re always trying to think of fun ideas and different ways to engage in handmade, from-t-shirt items.

Sew Circuit is an element of our cut and sew division here at AMBRO, and we’re happy to share it with everyone!

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