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Gardening Clothing and Our Contest Work

Gardening Clothing For the Alternative Design Contest

Alternative apparel offered a “print on prints” design contest in early July, and we decided to take part in it with a garden clothing twist!


It’s difficult to put a design onto something that already has a design, that’s why AMBRO had to think far outside the box on this one and really come up with a theme to keep us consistent.


Our idea for this contest was to show how decorators can use a variety of decoration methods in a cohesive way—even on a garment that already seems too busy to print on.

The first step was identifying the person who would wear this sweater. We came up with a fictional business, a garden center, that might make fun sweaters for their employees to wear in the autumn months.


This employee happens to be the “Master Gardener” as dictated on the back in a great deep, copper thread in Kingston font. We wanted to use this “blank” part of the garment to add a title that would stand out because of the placement.

“Flemington Garden Services” is done in a deep pink color. It’s sublimated into the fabric curving with the design so that it stands out but simultaneously seems like it came printed that way from the factory.


On the front, in the pockets, we added vinyl gardening tools. In case this gardener doesn’t carry her tools around with her, she always has the illusion of coming straight from pruning a few flowers.

We created a really fun design that encompasses a variety of decorations. We were very conscious of our color choices, using warmer hues that matched the feel of the sweater.

If you’re interested in this multi-design, unique design it’s available at AMBRO! It doesn’t have to be gardening tools, but we can create a full vision!

Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We had so much fun creating this look for the contest, and we would love to help customize your design!


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