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Scented Shirts Available for Custom Wholesale T-Shirts

Scented Shirts and Contract Screen Printing

Scratch and sniff stickers, scented markers, fragrance emitters in the coffee aisle at shop rite—we’ve all seen these before. They’re great, because scent is an important yet underrated sense. But we’ve come one step further in our need for scents in our daily life. Now, we have scented shirts. And scented shirts mixed with contract screen printing? That’s a deliciously blended idea!

scented shirt

scented shirt

When you’re looking for an affordable contract screen printer, why not choose a company who has a fun time with what they sell?

We offer a variety of fragrances for our scented shirts that you can find here in their entirety. We also have great bulk pricing and quality apparel for you to peruse!

The way these scented shirts work is we add another screen to your custom t-shirt design. Instead of another coat of ink, we coat it with a special type of perfume-like substance that adheres to the shirt and makes it smell wonderful!

The smell of scented shirts typically lasts between 30-45 washes. Considering how often you wear and wash a shirt, that’s a huge amount of time where your customer’s custom wholesale t-shirts are stinking up their closet with whatever scent they chose.

They say smell is the biggest trigger of memories, create new memories with these custom scented tees! Or, choose a fragrance that you know will have you thinking warm thoughts whenever you put on that scented shirt.

How Do I Order Scented Shirts?

Contact us at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com to get a quote on a custom wholesale t-shirt order for scented tees!


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