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Screen Printing and Embroidery In Flemington, NJ

AMBRO Manufacturing Alternative To Sneakers Plus and Twisted Ink

Embroidery has a long history in Flemington, NJ. The borough is the county seat of Hunterdon County. Flemington was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 8, 1869, from portions of Raritan Township. The borough was named for James Fleming, an early settler.

The history of embroidery in Flemington can be traced back to the 1800s when women would hand stitch designs onto fabric. This form of needlework was often used to embellish clothing, curtains, and other household items. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in popularity for embroidery and it is now being used to create everything from fashion accessories to home decor items. The Flemington Historic District, located in the town, is a historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 and on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places (CR-168) in 2003.

Today the legacy of embroidery is still alive and growing. There are a few companies in Flemington that offer custom screen printing and embroidery. There are smaller players in the field like: Twisted Ink and Sneakers Plus and the primary player Special T’s, DBA as Special T’s and AMBRO Manufacturing.

With a long history of more than 30 years servicing Hunterdon county and the surrounding areas, Special T’s has the experience and knowledge to deliver the finest screen printing, embroidery and more recently custom knitting that you need.

We work with companies of all sizes, schools, organizations, non-profits and end users to deliver the finest quality screen printing and embroidery.

How We Separate Ourselves From Sneakers Plus and Twisted Ink

Sneakers Plus is primarily a sneaker store that has a small t-shirt and embroidery business that they operate out of their basement. Their primary expertise is in selling sneakers. Twisted Ink is the newest screen printer in the local market and they offer primarily screen printing services to smaller local groups.

As an international company, Special T’s/AMBRO Manufacturing brings everything that you want to the table. We have extensive capabilities in: Screen Printing, Embroidery and Knitting, right here in Flemington, NJ.

Our customer base is both national and international, but we still service our local community personally and have strong relationships with Hunterdon Central High School, as well as many of the other local high schools, businesses and families.

The Top 10 Services That We Provide Locally in Flemington

  1. Screen Printing (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Pants etc.)
  2. Oversized Screen Printing (Blankets, Umbrellas etc.)
  3. Embroidery (Polos, Hats etc.)
  4. Bandana Manufacturing and Printing
  5. Knitting (Beanies and Scarfs With Your Logos)
  6. Custom Patches & Decals (Sew on or Iron On)
  7. Fundraising Programs For High Schools (Online Stores, On Site Sale Programs)
  8. Family Shirts For Vacations
  9. Varsity Jackets (All Sports)
  10. Custom Promotional Items (Pens, Mugs, Stainless Steel Water Bottles)

We Are Planet Friendly

Our company is environmentally friendly! Our inks are water-based, which means that when we clean up after we produce an order, we’re not using harsh chemicals to clean up. We clean up with water! Since our dyes are water based, water dissolves them and cleans them up.

In addition to having environmentally friendly dyes and inks, we are solar powered. Our array of 250 solar panels produce, on average, 85% of our electrical needs. During the weekends when we are closed, our array is sending energy back into the grid for all of Flemington to use!

We Are Specialists

Sometimes it’s just better when you go to a specialist. Of course you can go to a big box store to buy your plants, but when you go to a nursery, where plants and trees are all that they do, you get more expertise, a better selection and a better quality product.

You can go to a sneaker store to get your custom t-shirts and other items, but why do that when you can shop with a company who’s only mission it is, is to provide the highest quality screen printing and embroidery services. We can’t sell you sneakers, but we wouldn’t want to, we love making t-shirts and customizing them to fit your needs.

If you are interested in custom screen printing or custom embroidery in Flemington or the surrounding areas, please look us up! You can call us M-F (908) 806-8337 or you can email us using our contact form.