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T Shirt Foil Printing

T Shirt Foil Printing

One of the specialty areas that we excel in, is in the area of T Shirt Foil Printing. I’m going to explain the process in detail below.

Foil T Shirt Printing

You may have heard of gold leaf foiling, this is a process where a very thin layer of actual gold is adhered to the surface of something. Things like stationary, metals, coins and other items can be “foiled”. This process is similar to what a veneer is.

We take rolls of very thin foils and adhere them to garments. Most customers request t-shirts and hoodies, but foils can be applied to any garment.

The Process of T Shirt Foil Printing

Creating a custom foil print shirt is not much different than a traditional screen print job, but, there is one additional step.  Instead of screen printing inks on to a garment, we screen print a special fabric adhesive. It’s mostly invisible until we add the foil. Your custom logo or design is screen printed in glue, and dried.  Then as a second step, we cut a flat piece of foil and adhere it to the glue with pressure and heat.

Screen printing foil t-shirts takes 5x longer than a regular screen printing order, but they also look amazing. You should expect to pay a higher price per finished garment than if you were buying a regular screen print order.

Combining Foil Printing and Screen Printing

You are not limited to simply having a single color of foil print. You can have a screen print and a foil print combined. Combining foil and another decoration method is called “Mixed Media”. We’ve had customers that have merged foil and embroidery, foil and discharge printing and foil with regular screen printing to create some amazing designs.

Companies have started turning to foils to enhance their logo. We can foil almost any company logo in part or full.

Custom Gold Foil Shirt Screen Printing

By far, the most popular form of screen printed foil shirts is gold foil. A custom gold foil shirt stands out, looks rich and regal and offers the high end look, that many customers are looking for. If gold isn’t for you, we offer a wide range of other foil colors and special effects foils.

If you are interested in custom foil printing t shirts, then please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or use our customer contact form.